Friday, January 1, 2010

Been checking out some of my fren's blogs, and realised they are all deleted already. Maybe cos of facebook? Your frens more or less know what you're doing from your updates in facebook. But i think they are not exactly detailed enough, so imma keep this blog alive =) Been wayyy too long since i updated anything detailed, so i dun reli know where to start. Maybe my grad parade first? Was quite terrible cos' i was running 38.5 degrees fever on the day of the parade itself. I almost wanted to fall out during the rehearsal in the morning of the big day. But i went through it anyway, and survived my day on panadols. Regardless, i successfully completed the parade! Was kinda cool, with the Chief Of Army, and Sergent Major of Army going down to grace the parade. And so from that day on, i've been wearing the 3Sg rank =) Fast forward to my birthday! My family went for a trip to thailand which i couldn't go. They came back on 17th Dec, then my parents went overseas to China again for holiday on 19th night. I duno why, but they are kinda crazy about travelling around the world lol. Anyway, sec sch guys came over on 19th night to celebrate my birthday. Usual band hero and stuff, but this time with yj and jer around. And bk finally stayed over at my house. Thank you all who remembered my birthday! Moving on to x'mas eve. A half day in camp, so all of us booked out in the afternoon. Went to GV Tiong Bahru with bunk mates to watch 3D Avatar! Easily one of the best movie i've ever watched. The visuals were AMAZING and it being 3D made it so life-like. Good thing Ernest's sis helped us book tix before hand, cos when we went there, the queue was VERY long xD After the movie, most of us went our seperate ways while Sheng Yu and I went to City Hall to meet Wei Sheng and Christopher Ong for Hope Church Christmas Service at Suntec, 'At the Door'. Enjoyed myself singing all the songs, the drama was really meaningful and from that event on, I am a new Believer of Christianity. Yea, no more 'Free thinker' under the 'Religion' section of forms to be filled in. I think it's a huge commitment to have, but i believe i am prepared. =) On the day of X'mas itself, camp mates came over to play- band hero DUH! I must admit, Chong Thee is very good with the drums. Casper was much better than I thought- able to play expert guitar with a decent score, so far the only ones who can do that in my house are gab and me =O Wei Sheng sings quite well, and sings VERY well for 'If you could only see- Tonic', and he's got me addicted to the song now. Watched Scary Movie 1&4 on Mio TV cos it was only 2 bucks permovie, so cheap. But the movies were so lame xD Then on the last Sunday of 2009, I met up with my primary school mates at Causeway Point! Uhh for half of them, we met up once during end of sec 4, but for the other half, i havent seen them in 7 years!! Was kinda weird at first, duno what to talk about to each other cos we havent seen each other for so long. But its kinda amazing we still rmb stuff about what happened during pri sch days. We even rmb which 'house' we belong to during pe in sch! HAHAHA. But zomg, i ate pizza hut delivery during x'mas, then had pizza hut the next day cos my parents just came back and wanna eat pizza hut, then i had pizza hut AGAIN that day cos they wanna eat pizza hut X.X Kinda disappointed Ms Nalini couldnt make it, but it was great meeting everyone again! And of course, we'll meet again some time soon =D I think that's enough for now? Meeting Wei Sheng tmr for church, then dinner, then go ernest's concert together. Gotta finish up on my new year resolutions later too. Till next time! (Whoever still reads my blog, pls tag! Let me know how many readers do i have left =O)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Its been soooo long since i blogged. But i gotta book in soon, i promise to blog when i next book out! But yea, happy birthday to david and me! =D

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Yea, as the title says, i sprained my ankle again. Prolly...the sixth time i sprained my left ankle? Crazy. Happened while i was playing bball in camp. Jump, landed on someone's leg.. BOOMZ, ankle sprain. Bleh. So yea, went to report sick for the first time since coming ns. Excuse RMJ 10 days.

Anyway, my cbre course is over. Gonna go back to nee soon camp next week.

I want to blog, but too lazy to blog much. Prolly next time i guess.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another week has passed. Gonna be booking in again in an hour time. Last week was quite cool. 4km route march in mopp4 then 2km mask run. Siao bo. Me and zhaodong are the only pair to catch up with front scout, but im like one of the last for mask run. LOL. Our 'father', course commander is back from whatever he was doing the last few weeks, so our lives in camp are getting a bit more regimental. Learnt how to drive some mini-van thing too. Wasn't too confident with all the s-course and reverse parking, etc at first. But lucky nothing cocked up for me. So i passed the lil driving test. But then again, whole course only 1 guy failed. Lol. Then had dinner with the course and our commanders at sakura buffet at woodlands. This is like what, my fourth? fifth? time eating there already. Most of the commanders just kept to themselves, only 2 of 'em were chatting with us. =/ Overall fun still lar.

I'm hooked on to NGS2 on my ps3 currently. Hooked onto guitar hero too. But weekends so lil time to play. =( Still gotta study for stupid tests which are sooo time consuming. Oh well, at least i got day off this coming friday! Wahaha. Maybe going back cjc again to look look. Iuno, get ivan along and ask him pass me my freaking ds before i forget that i own a ds. LOL.

Here i was thinking the ris low thingy will finally die down since the new miss s'pore world is found. But see what i found:

Ris low thinks that stealing is fun! HAHAHA hilarious. I wonder how long more she wants to stay in headline news.

Im addicted to Creed's songs. Some are reli emo, but nice! "Im six feet from the edge and im thinking, maybe six feet ain't so far down~~" Being addicted to songs is good. Just keep thinking about that song in your head while doing route march, and you forget all the pain and fatigue. =D

Before i forget, happy b'dae ching =)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Heh i havent been updating much. Just a short one for now.

Good to know mel and th are having fun in china, though its such a longgg trip.

Earthquakes felt in singapore, but NOTHING was felt in my camp. Disappointing =/

Took me months to realise an interesting note on my shampoo bottle. Goes something like "Attention, this product gives your hair such confidence that it attracts many ladies. Beware." LOL. Something like that, cant rmb the exact phrasing. The bottle is in camp now, i'll rmb to post a pic next time.

I cant wait for 2010 to come! FFXIII looks dam cool, FF Versus XIII looks even more freaking awesome. =D

Gonna meet my class later for dinner and prolly pub-ing? The girls dun wanna go clubbing, oh well.

I hope ivan turns up and returns me my ds. It's been months since i last saw my ds.

I think yj pass out alr?!? I cant wait for my turn. Only left about 6 weeks more to my 3SG. Rawr.

Route march in mopp4 was cool. =)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Listen

Update update. I reli did get into CBRD, together with quite a few ppl from my section. But ANG ZHENYI DIDNT GET IN! ZOMG! For the first time in 5 months, we're seperated. Wah lao eh, feels as though i just broke up with my gf or something. LOL. And according to him, bridging sucks. =/ Oh well, i just hope life gets better for him soon.

As for me, CBRD training the last few days was..quite okay. Lectures most of the time, and the stuff we learn is insanely a lot. Chemical defence is so chemistry(duh), biological is so biology(duh), and radiological is so physics. Wtf sia, totally like studying for 'A' levels again. And to make things worse, the theory tests are much stricter than anything i've had till now. Fail once got retest. But failing retest will get you out-of-course. O.O Hell, every time we got time, my bunk mates will be there reading notes. Zomg scary.

Oh and the bunks are ridiculous. Super small, dusty bunks with double-deckered beds, shared by eleven people. Baths got no doors, theres only one water cooler in the whole building. Terrible living conditions. =/ Good thing is, our commanders focus a lot on fitness, 5bx with run every morning, doing chin-ups every time before meals. Okay lar, nothing much to mention, 'cept we played bball while wearing gas mask ytd. Quite shag, but dam fun. Heh.

My PC guitar hero is sold! And i got the ps3 guitar hero! YAY! But its not something i can play 24/7, fingers too pain. In fact, i stop after 1 hr of gameplay each time. Its been fun so far, 'hard' difficulty isnt exactly v hard, i think imma move on to 'expert' soon. =D

Since monday is public holiday, we got 3 days break including today. My parents took this chance to go overseas and have a holiday AGAIN. They're crazy. Everytime got chance, go for holiday by themselves and leave me and my bro at home. But not like it matters lar, i also dont reli wanna go. I got no idea where they are now, but its only 2 days 1 night, so oh well. And my dad is hilarious, sent me and my bro a msg saying:

"hi, kai and rui, we just hd dinner. A lot of insects. Take care. Mum Dad"

HAHAHA i couldnt stop laughing when i saw the msg. It was okay at first, i understood what he meant, that there are a lot of insects at the place they are. But reading the msg again, he sounded as though he ate a lot of insects for dinner! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Funny.

Oh ya i just noticed the ps3 trophies thingy after i added japhet as fren. Hell he got what, 100+ bronze trophies and some silver/gold ones. Hes a level 5 trophy collector, while im only level 2 -.- Imma try and get more trophies on my GH5. Heh. Oh and to all my frens with ps3, add me ps3 fren at 'StrikeDKaiZ'. Or just leave ur PSN name on my tagboard or something and i'll add you. =D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lazy to blog much. I got my blue beret already. BTW-STW course is ending tmr. Gonna get posting tmr, either EOD or CBRD or Bridging. Out of 56 ppl, only 30+ going EOD/CBRD. Tues no need go camp, but got something arranged for us at chevrons, iuno what. Wed book in early morning to go seletar camp. Continue my boring life.

Anyway, im selling my pc guitar hero for 90 bucks. Or maybe cheaper. I wanna get some money and buy guitar hero for my ps3. Not gonna buy the whole set with mic, drum, etc. Just guitar. Kthxbai.